"Whether you think that you can, or that you can't, you're usually right." -Henry Ford

The 1929 Model A Ford—the unifying symbol of the Haverford High School—sybmolises perserverance and determination. Lacking a true school mascot, the 2011 Haverford Robotics team, with the help of dedicated alumni, came together to build the most meaningful product ever produced by Team 484. This page chronicles the process of constructing of the school's new robotic mascot, Henry—a replica of a 1929 Model A Ford. It will walk you through the journey of his creation, step by step.

This image shows some of the basic electrical components used in Henry


The images to the left show Henry during his different phases of construction. Beginning with a cardboard mock body, Henry was not intended to be made of metal. However, graduate Maxx Suchowicki located Vinnie Gallagher, of Weld Worx, Inc., in Eagleville PA, who stepped up and volunteered his services by fabricating and tig welding an aluminum sheet metal body for the project. Once fabricated, the owner of Brendan's Ltd., a local collision center, donated his time and resources to bring Henry to life with a shiny new paint job. The students, the mentors, and the school community were all more than pleased with the generosity and quality of the craftsmanship.


Henry was a great project for both our club and our school, and the club would like to thank all the people who contributed their time and effort to help us get this wonderful robot together. Our mentors and our team members, the painter, and the body worker all contributed many free hours of their time to help the club.