54RK15 (2013)

About 54RK15

A picture of 54RK15 loaded with frisbees and ready to fire

54RK15, named after Sarkis (a team mentor), could carry up to 4 frisbees and shoot them into a goal positioned above the driver stations on the field. The robot used a pair of 8 inch rubber wheels to quickly launch the frisbee at the target. This robot also utilized chain to drive the drivetrain, a decision that is likely not to be repeated. Due to both the chain and the plastic drive wheels continually breaking, this drive train is likely not to be replicated on future robots.


This robot relied on the cRio instead of the more recent roboRIO. The National Intruments cRio, a mobile computer system that preceded the current roboRIO and served FRC robots from 2009 through 2014. At the time, WPI, the creator of the API used to interface with the electronics plugged into the robot, had their plugins designed for the netbeans IDE instead of Eclipse. This meant that this code was written in netbeans using the old netbeans WPIAPI plugins. Since this robot had no vision processing and did not need to move precisely in autonomous, the code is rather simple. The code for 54RK15 can be found on our GitHub page here: github.com/team484/frisbeebot