Doge (2015)

About Doge

A picture of Doge in action on the field during its autonomous

Doge was our 2015 robot, which had the task of stacking totes on top of each other as well as manipulate recycling bins. The name Doge comes from the programming codenames used for this year. The naming scheme for this year’s code came from dog names with A being Argo, b being Blu, and c being Clifford. The lifting mechanism used for raising and lowering totes was powered by a cim with a 12:1 planetary gearbox on it. A rope was wrapped around the 1/2 output shaft of the gearbox. As the rope was pulled in, the lifting system would slide up a piece of extruded.


This year was the first year for the new roboRio. The three prior revision to this robot’s code were testing programs to familiarize the team with the new processor. This robot is famous for its autonomous options. Since this was the one year where a significant amount of programming time was available to code the robot, nearly a dozen different auto modes were created, allowing the team to have a very versatile set of auto configurations. The code for this robot can be found on our GitHub page here:

This robot was the second year in which a custom dashboard was made. This dashboard included menu options for selecting autonomous modes as well as a picture to show the drive team how the robot should be oriented to start the auto. The dashboard also showed a live rendering of the robot which visualized the robot orientation and the amount the arm was extended. This dashboard was programmed in java and communicated with the robot over smartdashbard. The code for this dashboard can be found on our GitHub page here:
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