K3V1N (2017)

About K3V1N

A picture of K3V1N shortly after build season ended. K3V1N can hold up to 35 balls.

K3V1N was designed for the 2017 FRC game, STEAMworks. For this game, we needed to build a robot that could rapidly shoot 5 inch wiffle balls as well as transport an 11 inch plastic gear to one of three pegs positioned on the field. One of the most unique characteristics of this robot compared to previous years, is that this robot utilized swerve drive. Thanks to this efficient omnidirectional drive train and a reliable autonomous, the robot could quickly cycle gears, making us 4th alliance captain at Chestnut Hill Academy.


This robot was the first to use swerve drive, and as a result, was the first to use the SwerveDrive class created in 2015 to properly control the drivetrain. This robot also heavily utilized the CAN bus which controlled 9 of the 13 speed controllers present. One of the best features of this robot is its side-gear autonomous. Using a 1080p fisheye lens mounted underneath the gear pickup, the kangaroo coprocessor on the robot used vision processing to calculate the path the robot needed to take to perfectly align the gear with the peg every time. This robot started the season off with 4 cameras, making it the current record holder for the most cameras on a roboforce robot. The code for K3V1N can be found on the team GitHub page here: github.com/team484/Adolf

This robot utilized swerve drive as its drivetrain which required the SwerveDrive class. This class, and an example robot project designed for it, can be found on the team GitHub page here: github.com/team484/SwerveDriveBot