Speed Racer (2003)

About Speed Racer

This is a picture of Speed Racer during its prime time in 2003


Speed Racer is the team’s robot from 2003 where it won the GM Industrial Design Award at the Philadelphia Regional. The robot had since been forgotten in storage until 2013 where it was revitalized and used as a tool for training new programmers on writing code for the cRio.


Speed Racer is powered by the National Intruments cRio, a mobile computer system that preceded the current roboRIO and served FRC robots from 2009 through 2014. At the time, WPI, the creator of the API used to interface with the electronics plugged into the robot, had their plugins designed for the netbeans IDE instead of Eclipse. This meant that this code was written in netbeans using the old netbeans WPIAPI plugins. The code for Henry can be found on our GitHub page here: github.com/team484/SpeedRacer

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