Snow Mongoose


In 2015? a group of students decided that a fun summer project would be to transform The Blue Mongoose into a snow plow bot. The Blue Mongoose, later renamed the Snow Mongoose, already had the treads and frame, all it needed was a shovel and some waterproofing.

The team got planning and, in an effort to save money, decided to cut a trashcan in half and test its viability as a shovel. At first, the trashcan was too weak so the team decided to bolt both halves of the trashcan together to create a thicker shovel. This design worked surprisingly well and was used in the final design. After the shovel was created the team began waterproofing. The team started by encasing the electronics in a plastic box. The plastic box was made from a plastic sheet that was heated with a heat gun and bent into the shape of a box. Next, the team added a hinge to the front of the case for easy access to the battery. To finish off the Snow Mongoose, some paint and green LEDs were added to bring the look all-together.