Turfy (2010)

Turfy was the team’s 2010 robot which was one of the first robot for the team to feature a holonomic drivetrain. Holonomic, means that the robot was capable of drive forward/backwards, turning, and sliding left/right. This was achieved through the use of mechanum wheels where are wheels that have specially designed angled rollers on them. When the wheels are rotated in opposite directions from one another, the robot is forced to slide sideways. Notably, the robot had an arm for use in climbing which could gain extra points at the end of the match.

Breakaway – The Challenge

Breakaway was the 2010 FRC challenge. In this challenge, 2 alliances of 3 robots each essentially played robot soccer. Each alliance had 2 goals to defend and 2 goals to shoot into. Each goal scored would earn the alliance points. To add a twist to things, the field had 2 large bumps that extended across the width. Robots could choose to try and navigate over the bumps or to go through a tunnel in the middle. If robots went through the tunnel that would need to be short enough or else they wouldn’t fit. At the end of the match, teams could try and climb onto the bars positioned above the tunnels for extra points. The full rules manual for this game can be found here.